Synthetic Turf has very few drawbacks in comparison to natural grass.

Customers do seem to have some particular questions, and these are the most popular…

Q: What is the difference in Turf products? Are there differences in the quality?

A: BEFORE you contract with a company, you should see the variations in Turf Products. When we do a Consultation with a new customer, one of the things we like to do is visit some other installations in your neighborhood. We’ll show you the differences between thatched vs monofilament turf, sand infilled turf vs rubber infilled turf, and of course American Made vs Imported turf. San Diego Lawns & Turf Company uses the highest quality, warrantied, American made turf available.

Q: Is your turf suitable for pets, particularly larger dogs?

A: YES, many commercial kennels and dog boarding facilities are currently switching to synthetic grass because of its durability and low maintenance characteristics. Base material is installed that allows proper drainage to dissipate urine and poo can be easily picked up and hosed clean.

Q: Will the grass fade?

A: NO. It is warrantied against fading, base rupture, seam rupture and material workmanship for 7-10 years (depending on the turf product)

Q: What is the long term life of the turf?

A: 15 – 20 years depending on exposure and traffic. You can expect the turf to look as good as the day it was installed for that entire period. Only at the end of it’s life span will you see the tips of the fibers begin to breakdown.

Q: I heard this stuff gets really hot???

A: In San Diego, most people find the turf to very comfortable except for short periods of the day during our late August and September heat. Since we DO NOT use black rubber infill, our turf stays cooler than other lawns you may have seen. Even on those hot days, the tuf can be easily and quickly cooled with a watering hose.

Q: What products can damage the grass?

A: The grass is made of non-flammable plastics. Unless someone was intentionally vandalizing the grass, most substances, even paints can be cleaned and removed from the grass. If the turf were to sustain damage, sections can be removed and replaced without having to do a complete reinstallation.


Natural grass San Diego Lawn & Turf
Price of San Diego Lawns & Turf Co. INSTALLED N/A $3975.00
Sod priced at $0.50 per square foot, delivered $250.00 $0
Sprinkler / Irrigation system installed $700.00 $0
Installation of Sod and soil preparations $1000.00 $0
Maintenance / Gardner at $50.00 per month $2400.00 $0
Water – based on San Diego monthly average $1920.0


4 YEAR TOTAL $6270.00 $3975.00


You can expect your San Diego Lawn & Turf to look as good as the day it was installed for 15 – 20 years.

There are hundreds more reasons to look to synthetic grass in today’s green economy. Please call us today if you have any questions at all. Customer service is our number one priority! 619-495-0722