San Diego Commercial Real Estate Property Managers Turn to Artificial Turf to Reduce Maintenance

San Diego, CA – Commercial real estate property managers are increasingly turning to artificial turf to reduce maintenance costs and increase cash flow for clients, according to a leading synthetic lawn installer in the San Diego area.

Scot Wozniak of San Diego Lawns, Inc. says that he’s seen an increasing trend toward installing water-efficient low-maintenance artificial grass on commercial properties in order to ensure the best cash flow possible on the investment property.

“I can sit down with any property owner and go over the numbers to determine the return on investment for installing artificial turf. In most cases, owners are stunned at how much they spend on water and maintenance costs each month.”

He says that commercial properties in particular are prone to over-spending on maintenance and water.

“Larger properties obviously can save quite a bit more each month than smaller properties. While there are some initial outlays to install synthetic lawns, that investment is quickly recouped.”

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