Real Estate Agents: Synthetic Lawns Attract Buyers Due to Lower Lifetime Maintenance Costs

San Diego, Calif. – Real estate agents looking for an edge to get their listings sold in arid Southern California might want to recommend synthetic lawns to their clients, according to one analysis.

Scot Wozniak, President of San Diego Lawns, Inc., a San Diego synthetic lawns installation company, says drought-friendly artificial turf is a unique selling point that can really save substantial amounts of money over the lifetime of the product.

“Many people just don’t take the time to add up how much money they spend on maintaining their lawns each year. When you add up water costs to the costs of lawn care services, reseeding, and fertilizing, it’s a lot of money.”

He says it’s possible for an average homeowner to save over $2000 per year on water and lawn maintenance by installing beautiful-looking synthetic grass.

“A synthetic lawn can be all it takes to make one house stick out over another in the minds of buyers.”

Wozniak says he provides free cost savings evaluations for customers.

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