San Diego Home Owners Get Rebate On Water-Saving Artificial Turf Installation Through April

San Diego, Calif. – San Diego homeowners have the month of April to get their old irrigated lawns removed for a rebate to make way for water-saving artificial turfSan Diego turf installer Scot Wozniak says that owners can save a significant amount of money on the installation of synthetic lawns that don’t require lawn maintenance or water bills.

“In Southern California, it really does pay to be smart about water consumption. In addition to the water-savings rebate, which owners can learn about on our website at, artificial turf makes sense in this economy because it saves both water and maintenance costs.”

He says only residential properties can benefit from the rebate, but commercial and institutional properties stand to save even more in the long term because their landscaped areas tend to be larger and require more ongoing maintenance.

“We help schools, commercial properties, churches, and more. Reducing irrigation and landscape maintenance costs can put several hundred dollars a month back into the budget in some cases.”

Wozniak offers a free consultation to help homeowners determine how much money they could save by using the rebate, which is set to expire April 30, 2011.

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