San Diego Turf Installer Says Water Savings Will Pay For Cost of New Artificial Lawn

San Diego, Calif. – San Diego artificial turf installation company San Diego Lawns Inc. says water savings and reduced landscape maintenance costs will pay for the cost of synthetic turf in as little as 3 years.

Scot Wozniak, President of San Diego Lawns says the cost savings for water usage alone can be substantial, especially for residential and commercial properties with extensive landscaping. Add to that the cost savings from reduced landscape maintenance services, and the reduction in monthly expenses can total hundreds of dollars.

“In the current economy, everyone is looking for a way to reduce long term monthly expenses, and there are few better ways to do that than to cut your water and maintenance bills by 60%.”

He says that commercial properties will benefit the most from installing synthetic lawns, which can look better than real lawns and require no water to keep them green. But he also says property management companies can benefit from his San Diego turf installation services as well.

“A good property manager is always on the lookout to recommend ways their commercial property owners can reduce monthly expenses to keep their building’s cash flow in the black. Installing synthetic turf is a great way to do that and provide a tangible increase the value of their real estate investment.”

Wozniak is an experienced artificial turf installer working the San Diego area, and has helped hundreds of customers save thousands of dollars on water and maintenance costs for their properties.

He says he offers a free consultation with residential and commercial property owners to help calculate how much they will save.

“We help all types of clients save money by converting to environmentally friendly synthetic turf, from churches to schools to private home owners.”

For more information, please contact:

Scot Wozniak, President
San Diego Lawns, Inc.
1035 Surrey Dr
Bonita, CA 91902